Photography. Made Easy.

Photography Made Easy gives you the knowledge and skills you need to finally master your camera and capture pro-level pictures – every time.

Delivered by an award-winning professional photographer and university lecturer, the Photography Made Easy course teaches you 20 fields of photography: from creative photography to landscape to portrait to fashion to travel to sports photography to editing and more.

"It brings together theory with practical application"

“I love this course. It’s simple to follow and gives practical demonstrations of many of the topics covered in photography courses, camera manuals and textbooks. It brings together theory with practical application and provides many opportunities to try things out. I liked the way that camera settings were suggested throughout.”
– Jan Caplan, UK

"Everything in this course is so easy to understand"

“I thoroughly enjoyed all the videos in the course especially the travel photography module. I will never take photos like a tourist again! Everything in this course is so easy to understand and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to use their camera properly.”
– Matthieu, C. France

"I was so impressed to learn about levitation"

“I was so impressed to learn about levitation. I have been in awe of this style of photography and had no idea that it would be this simple. Thank you so much for sharing these techniques, I had so much fun with it.”
– Erin Parker, Utah

"You know just how to make students understand what you are teaching"

“You have an easy style and know just how to make sure that student’s understand what you are teaching. It’s a great way to consolidate knowledge and work with an expert to guide you. A great bible for constantly dipping in and out of and a terrific way of learning about composition.”
– Chris Lewis, USA