Photography Made Easy gives you the knowledge and skills you need to finally master your camera and capture pro-level pictures – every time.

Delivered by an award-winning professional photographer and university lecturer, the Photography Made Easy course teaches you 20 fields of photography: from creative photography to landscape to portrait to fashion to travel to sports photography to editing and more.


"It brings together theory with practical application"

– Jan Caplan, UK

“Like the way the course is structured, haven't finished it yet, but I am sure I will get some really good pictures. It is very easy to understand and I like the way the instructor goes over the cameras so you know what everything is. Thank you.”

Janette Harrington-Brown
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“Like the fact you can go on the course modules when you like and there's no time limit-easy to understand.”

Brian Goldsmith
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“Excellent course explained very simple and easy to follow, would recommend to anyone”

Michael Conway
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“This course has helped me to use my camera settings to the full and create the best possible shots. It has also given me a few tips and tricks on how to use my editing software better, although the course never told you what software they where using to edit their photos.”

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“A very complete and easy to follow course,I would recommend it to anyone wishing to move forward with their photography.”

Ron Kew
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“It taught me the basics of aperture and shutter speed essential to camera use and developed these further to improve my overall composition of photos. I've got some really nice wildlife photos as a result.”

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“It really is photography made easy! I love the step by step tutorials , really helpful and straight forward.”

Ursula Lawless
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“Great online course! Really excellent - it was my first online course and wasn't sure whether it would hold my attention - how wrong was I!! Great content - easy to follow - highly recommend!”

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“Worth Every Penny. Still in the process of working through this course. I have already learnt so much from this. Highly Recommended!!!”


Dan Peaty
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“This is a brilliant course, so much more than just plain information, it provides inspiration and motivation to get out and keep shooting. I am improving my skills continually and regularly refer back to this course so that I can use my dslr in the way that I want, not just as a point and shoot camera.”

Sean Ladyman
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“My son bought me the course for Father’s Day. Best thing he could have done for me just as I’m retiring.Retiring now with a new focus in life, thank you son.”

Stuart Cook
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“I think this course is lovely, I have learned so much and am only half way through, the instructor is fabulous and explains in a waythat I can understand.”

Avril Collins
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