What’s Inside the ‘Photography Made Easy’ Course?

The ‘Photography Made Easy’ online course offers you photography training of extraordinary detail, care and expertise. By taking this course we guarantee that your photos will improve 100%.

Don’t worry if you’re a complete beginner because we assume nothing in advance. Through 20 effective and engaging training modules our professional photographer and teacher will propel you from being an absolute beginner, or hobby photographer, to becoming an advanced photographer in no time at all. We’ll teach you everything you need to know including how to avoid the mistakes that most amateur photographers make and so much more.

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Module 1: Camera Settings and Features

This vital first module walks you through the key camera settings professional photographers use, often the simple difference between amateur and professional shots.

After you learn these settings you will be able to take the camera off Auto and take control of your photography using manual settings in any situation. Too often your camera’s sensor is fooled by the lighting or maybe you want to try to be more artistic in your photos, this module will give you the knowledge no matter what make or brand of camera.

Each setting is backed up by some classroom-based theory and then taken to the street for a practical demonstration – this module alone will improve your photography immensely as the right settings are the difference between professional photos all the time as opposed to occasionally getting the right shot.

Other topics covered: Burst Mode, Diopter, Metering, Exposure Compensation, Focal points, File size, Bracketing, Histogram, Exposure, Panning.

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Module 2: Landscape Photography (click to open)

"module 3 photography made easyHave you ever wanted to shoot landscapes properly but didn’t know where to start? In this module you’ll accompany us on a landscape shoot and we’ll show you from start to finish exactly what equipment you’ll need, the best camera settings and also the optimal time of the day to shoot.

Getting the right exposure is one of the most crucial parts of any photo and this module explains the different combinations of F stops, white balance and ISO (sensor sensitivity). Each setting is backed up with an explanation and then a practical demonstration in the field.

  • Techniques of pro landscape photographers
  • Depth of Field
  • The best times to shoot
  • Level horizon
  • Polarising filters
  • Seascape photography
  • Much more!
Module 3: Fashion Photography (click to open)

 fashion photography module 2 photography made easyFashion photography has many additional aspects involved rather than just taking the shot. As the photographer, you’ll also have to organize and direct the models from start to finish.

In this module we take you on a fashion shoot and go through each stage from planning the shoot, helping you get your style of shooting, dealing with models, organizing a venue, organizing a team from makeup artists to assistants and the actual shoot.

After this module you will confidently be able to shoot fashion at a magazine cover level. We also show you how to create a levitation shot. These are the types of shots you see in professional fashion shoots. After you learn these simple but highly effective techniques, you will have the knowledge necessary to create these amazing photographs. Watch and learn from an award-winning fashion photographer who has shot for many top designers and labels!

You will discover professional fashion photography techniques, levitation, how to set up a shot like a Pro, and much more!

Module 4: Creative Photography (click to open)

sample screenshot from the creative photography moduleIn this enlightening module, we take you to various locations to show and teach you what to look for and how to take beautiful photos from almost any object, location or situation. You will start to see things you didn’t see before. With this level of knowledge you could even decorate your own home or try your hand at selling your photos.

You will also discover:

  • Black & white photography
  • Graduation of shadows
  • Fine art photography
  • Photographing movement
  • Adding Grain
  • Creative Backgrounds
  • Creative Movement
  • HDR Photography
  • Tilt Shift Photography
  • Much more!
Module 5: Journalistic Photography (click to open)

sample screenshot from the journalistic photography moduleIf there is one thing you need to know, it is that your photos must tell a story otherwise they are nothing more than snapshots. In this module, you will learn how to take sequence photos designed to help you tell your story photographically.

You will also learn:

  • Car Photography
  • Close-up shots
  • Full shots
  • Clear Backgrounds
  • Choosing a location
  • Getting the perspective right
  • Night shots
  • Travel Photography
  • Showing the essence of a country
  • Rules of third
  • Much more!
Module 6: Night Photography (click to open)

sample screenshot from the night photography moduleNight photography requires a different set of skills and know-how. In this module you’ll accompany us on several night shoots and you’ll discover exactly how to capture an incredible shot every time. You’ll also learn sunset photography, still life night photography, cityscape at night, and even how to achieve liquid metal fire shots that are guaranteed to give you some stunning results.

This module also covers: safety, using the timer, flash (the enemy of the night shot!), correct use of tripod (the friend of the night shot), different orientations, color reflections, glass like water, city shots at night, light trails, sunset shots, cloudscape, adding silhouette, liquid fire, making a wand, location, and much more.

Module 7: Urban Photography (click to open)

sample screenshot from the urban photography moduleUsing the lessons taught in our Urban Photography module you will learn the skills needed to travel the back streets of your city or town where you will discover many hidden masterpieces that are begging to be photographed. Once again, you will see ‘things’ you never saw, or weren’t aware of before. We’ll shows you how to find and capture these hidden gems and tap into a whole new world of photography.

This module also covers:

  • Black & White photography
  • Fine Art photography
  • Contrast
  • Shadow
  • Textures
  • Form/shape
  • Cropping
  • Zooming
  • Much more!
Module 8: ebay Photography (click to open)

sample screenshot from the ebay photography moduleIf you have ever sold anything on ebay, you already know that you NEED to include great photographs of the items you are selling.
In this module, you will discover the secrets of taking high quality product images that will ensure your items sell and sell fast. This module alone will pay for the course many times over by getting you a lot more bids and higher priced bids for your items!

This module also covers:

  • Backgrounds
  • The frame
  • Showing off the product
  • Album covers
  • Filling the frame
  • Setting the objects relevant to the shot
  • Much more!
Module 9: Sports Photography (click to open)

sample screenshot from the sports photography moduleIf you always leave your camera in auto mode and wonder why your sports photos often come out blurry, this section is just what you need. We’ll show you, using a track field, how to set your camera up to capture all of the fast moving action of your favourite athletes, sports stars or of course, your children on sports day.

We also take you track-side and show you great ways to capture fast moving racing cars. You’ll never again miss or ruin an important moment in action!

This module also covers:

  • Fast shutter speed
  • Freezing the action
  • Shooting cars
  • Burst mode
  • Much more!
Module 10: (SLR) Portrait Photography (click to open)

sample screenshot from the portrait photography module Some point in your life you will be asked to take someone’s portrait, whether that’s a family member, friend or someone famous! Whoever it is, you’ll need the skills to create a great portrait and this module shows you exactly how! In this module, we guide you through practical shooting, showing how to get the best images including, how, when, and why you should consider using black and white photography. After completing this module you will be confident enough to go out and shoot amazing portraits. Also, we will reveal several little-known, but simple highly effective techniques used by professional photographers that make all the difference.

This module also covers:

  • Angles
  • A variety of light, crops and backgrounds
  • The use of reflectors
  • Colours and emotions
  • Acheive feminine and masculine shots
  • Composition
  • Perspective
  • Much more
Module 11: (SLR) Property Photography (click to open)

sample screenshot from the portrait photography moduleHave you ever wondered why some properties sell faster and for much more money than others? There is plenty of information out there about the psychology of selling a home, yet there is almost no information about how to capture it in a photograph. This module shows you the secrets of the super successful real estate photographers!

This module also covers:

  • How to take photos that meet the emotional needs of the buyer
  • How to shoot a property and grab a prospective buyer
  • The psychology of a buyer
  • How to shoot all areas of a house and its grounds
  • How to ‘dress’ the house
  • How to take ‘logo’ shots
  • Building a scene
  • Wide angle shots
  • Much more
Module 12: Shooting Video (click to open)

sample screenshot from the videography moduleLearn how to get the most from the video function on your camera and shoot really good movies that will amaze your family and friends. You’ll learn step-by-step how to use the key settings of your Video Camera, learn what they mean, how to access them and when to use them. You’ll also learn how to take a range of photographic styles including landscape, people shots and travel shots.

This module also covers:

  • Framing and angle shots
  • Cut-aways and shooting techniques
  • Rules to shoot by
  • Creating energy in your videos
  • Breaking up the story elements
  • Lighting, sound and taking still pictures
  • Much more
Module 13: Learn Photoshop Elements (click to open)

sample screenshot from the Adobe Elements modulePhotoshop Elements is the ideal software to edit your pictures and this packed module walks you through how to use it like a professional, step-by-step. This module also covers:

  • A quick-start way to use Photoshop Elements
  • How to bring photos in and store them
  • How to bring them in from files
  • How to put them into albums
  • How to use keyword tags to stay organized
  • How to adjust the size of the photos
  • The do’s and don’ts about using tags
  • How to use the full editing mode
  • How to crop your photos
  • How to adjust the photos and manipulate digitally
  • How to use the most important techniques and tools
  • How to create and output your photos
  • Much more
Module 14: Studio Photography (click to open)

sample screenshot from the studio photography moduleIn this module, we’re taking you behind the scenes of a real life commercial studio. You’ll see how to work lighting and other studio equipment. Even if you never plan on taking photographs in a studio this module is a must because lighting is one of the most important aspects of taking brilliant photos.

You’ll also discover:

  • Soft boxes
  • Product table
  • Infinity backgrounds
  • Studio flash
  • Constant light
  • Reflections
  • Tripods
  • Creating an even graduating light
  • ISO for studio lighting
  • Much more
Module 15: Home Studio Photography (click to open)

sample screenshot from the home studio photography moduleIf you have ever considered putting together your own studio, this module of our photography course will take you through how to build a great home studio on a shoe-string! You’ll also learn how to set your studio up to obtain the best results.

You’ll also discover:

  • Finding a space
  • Different angles
  • Creating a backdrop
  • Working with one light
  • Shooting in Black & White
  • Much more
Module 16: Commercial Product Photography (click to open)

sample screenshot from the commercial photography moduleThis module gives you priceless tips, camera settings and creative ideas for photographing products like you’ve never seen before.

This is a fun and creative module that we know you’ll enjoy. By the end of it, you’ll know many of the secrets the top advertising agencies use to make even the most mundane product look attractive and desirable! You’ll also discover:

  • How to use everyday objects to build a shot
  • How to add bubbles to a product
  • External light sources
  • Much more
Module 17: Movement & Travel Photography (click to open)

sample screenshot from the travel photography module

  • How to photograph movement of water
  • ND filters
  • Long shutter speed
  • Essential travel photography tips
  • Much more
  • Module 18: Compact Camera Masterclass (click to open)

    sample screenshot from the compact camera photography module
    In this extensive module, you’ll discover how to get the most from your Digital Compact Camera. During this module, we’ll take you through the 7 compact camera settings that you need to know, what they mean, how to access them, when to use them and how to take a range of photographic styles including landscape, people shots and travel shots.

    In this module, you’ll discover: 3 different types of compact cameras, the most important settings you need to know, understanding mega pixels, and how to change on your camera, zoom lenses, optical sizes and how to use them, understanding white balance and how to use the different settings, setting your ISO, what it means, how to use the settings and when, histogram and what does it represent, how does it work, setting the timer and how to use it, multi-shot, how to make the camera take more than one photo at a time, when you need a tripod and types available, using your auto modes, portrait, landscape, landscape & portrait, night & portrait, self portrait, sport, cuisine, smile shot and movies, what is exposure compensation and how to use it, aperture explained and how to use it, and much, MUCH more!

    • How to photograph movement of water
    • ND filters
    • Long shutter speed
    • Essential travel photography tips
    • Much more
    Module 19: Photoshop For Photographers Part 1 (click to open)

    sample screenshot from the photoshop for photography moduleUsing Photoshop to digitally retouch your photos is an essential skill of any photographer. In the following two modules you will be shown exactly what you need to know, without going into a lot of the unnecessary tools that photographers simply don’t need.

    These unique modules have been developed for the photographer who hasn’t got time to attend a full course on Photoshop. You will also get a copy of our images so that you can follow along, step-by-step, as we take you through the process for digitally blending and retouching your photos, even if you’ve never used Photoshop before. You will learn:

    • How to use the tools that professional photographers use.
    • A number of techniques to produce magazine quality images.
    • How to make professional picture packages that clients expect to get.
    • How to fix lens distortion that most photographers get but don’t know they have.
    • How to make your photos fit for any display.
    • Much more!
    Module 20: Photoshop For Photographers Part 2 (click to open)

    sample screenshot from the photoshop photography module

  • How to blend photos without damaging your originals.
  • How to use the type tool to an advanced level so you will be able to produce flyers, brochures and adverts.
  • The correct way to watermark your name and protect your images on the web and elsewhere.
  • How to do photo montages to a magazine quality level and much more.
  • You will be taken through simple colour management for the SLR photographer
  • Much more!